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53 .new shortcuts to perform new actions in one step

53 .new shortcuts to perform new actions in one step

Less clicking, more creatingπŸš€


Published on Nov 5, 2021

4 min read

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Hello everyone! 🧑

Before we start, Let’s connect on Twitter and also follow me here for more useful blogs. In this article, we will see .new link shortcuts to perform actions in one simple step.

Let's get started πŸš€

Here are some handful of .new shortcuts which save yours 100+ hrs. 😱.

Don't worry, I am here to save your time. For that, I just need your feedback and support πŸ™ŒπŸ§‘.

Excited right?


What's .new?

.new links are shortcuts to your favourite actions on the websites you love. Instead of typing the full URL or searching for it, you can simply enter the .new shortcut.

For example:

  • If you want to create a new blog post, normally we go to hashnode.com and then we will click the Write button, then a new blog post page will open. Here is the thing, If u type hn.new and then enter then you will go to a new empty blog post page 🀩.
  • And also If u want to create a GitHub repository just typing repo.new and then boomπŸš€.

If u are new to this shortcut, you might have tried this right? πŸ˜‰πŸ™Œ. In the same way, we have 100's of shortcuts for Posting, creating, linking, designing, recording etc... it’s all possible with action-based .new links. But here I will share 53 .new link shortcuts of most daily using websites that can help you get things done faster. You can also check all shortcuts on What's new website.

Looks interesting right? yes, If you have your own website and want to register .new Domain for your users. So you can also apply to register your own .new-Domain. For that just type get.new ( shortcut for registering a shortcut πŸ˜‚).

Here the list starts:

  1. hn.new β†’ Create a new Hashnode blog post. πŸ™‚πŸ”₯
  2. docs.new β†’ Create a New Google Doc.
  3. jam.new β†’ Start a new Jamboard with Google.
  4. form.new β†’ New Google form.
  5. slide.new β†’ New Google slide.
  6. site.new β†’ New Google site.
  7. sheet.new β†’ New Google sheet.
  8. keep.new β†’ New Google note.
  9. cal.new β†’ New Google Calendar event.
  10. meet.new β†’ New meeting room with Google meet.
  11. repo.new β†’ New GitHub repository.
  12. gist.new β†’ New GitHub gist.
  13. pen.new β†’ New Codepen project.
  14. csb.new β†’ New code sandbox project.
  15. js.new β†’ Create a new JavaScript project using.
  16. ts.new β†’ Create a new Typescript project with CodeSandbox.
  17. react.new β†’ Create a new React project with CodeSandbox.
  18. vue.new β†’ Create a new vue.js project with CodeSandbox.
  19. ng.new β†’ Create a new Angular project with CodeSandbox.
  20. svelte.new β†’ Create a new Svelte project using CodeSandbox.
  21. next.new β†’ New NextJS project using stackblitz.
  22. flutter.new β†’ Prototype your app using Flutter's online editor.
  23. api.new β†’ New Node.js API endpoint from Runkit.
  24. story.new β†’ New Medium story.
  25. design.new β†’Create a new Canva design.
  26. snippet.new β†’ Create a new snippet on Codespace.
  27. playlist.new β†’ Create a new Spotify playlist.
  28. podcast.new β†’ New Anchor podcast episode.
  29. discord.new β†’ Create a new discord server.
  30. notion.new β†’ Create a new page in Notion.
  31. sign.new β†’ Fill and sign PDFs & forms with Adobe.
  32. compresspdf.new β†’ Compress PDF documents with Adobe.
  33. mergepdf.new β†’ Combine PDFs into one file.
  34. pdftoword.new β†’ Convert PDFs to Word documents with Adobe.
  35. link.new β†’ New Create link using bitly.
  36. websitebuilder.new β†’ Build a website with GoDaddy.
  37. wix.new β†’ Create a new Website using WIX.
  38. logo.new β†’ Create a new logo for with Adobe Spark.
  39. photo.new β†’ Edit an image using Adobe Photoshop online.
  40. luma.new β†’ Create an event page for your Zoom event with Luma.
  41. pdf.new β†’ Convert anything to PDF.
  42. board.new β†’ Collaborate remotely on an online whiteboard.
  43. ppt.new β†’ Create a new presentation using PowerPoint.
  44. excel.new β†’ Create a spreadsheet using Excel.
  45. docx.new β†’ Create a new document using Word.
  46. todoist.new β†’ Create a new task using todoist.
  47. action.new β†’ Set up a new workspace to manage your Chrome tabs.
  48. kahoot.new β†’ Create an online quiz using Kahoot.
  49. bitcoin.new β†’ Buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin on eToro.
  50. ionic.new β†’ New ionic project using ionic framework.
  51. sql.new β†’ Write SQL queries for your data in other applications.
  52. deploy.new β†’ Deploy a new vercel project.
  53. matlab.new β†’ Use MATLAB through your web browser.

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