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19 tips to Google like a pro

19 tips to Google like a pro

Googling is one of the most important skills for every developer.

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Hello everyone! 🧡

Before we start Let’s connect on Twitter and also follow me here for more useful blogs. In this article, we will learn how to search on Google like a pro.

Let’s get started🤩


Googling is one of the most important skills for every developer. It helps you to search effectively for a solution to a problem or an error by saving 1000s of important hours and getting your desired result quickly.

Don’t worry, I am here to save your time. For that, I just need your feedback and support 🙌🧡.

Here are tips on how to master the art of googling as a developer.

1. If you are looking for a file for any topic on Google, then filetype: will help you:

Example: filetype:pdf how to learn react

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2. Asterisk (*) can be used as placeholders, which will be replaced by any word or phrase.

Example: how to learn * in 1 month

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3. Using site: will search within a specific website.

Example:  site:twitter.com polarameshchan2.

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Example: “What is Web3.0

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5. Using .. Search within a range of numbers like years

Example:  money heist 2017..2021

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Example: frontend AND backend

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Example: Java OR C++

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8. If you want to eliminate a website from your search results, then -site: will help you

Example: -site:youtube.com javascript

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9. Whenever you want to compare two things, then use vs with quotes on the terms.

Example: "javascript" vs "typescript"

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 Example: Location:india web developers.

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11. Define: helps you to find the definition of a word or terminology in a simple and easy way.

Example: define: Web3.0

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12. If you came across a new website, then the question arises, what is this website about? so info: will help you to know about that website.

Example: info:freecodecamp.com

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13. inurl: helps you to search for information originating in a particular year

Example: inurl:2020 React

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14. If you want to find time of different countries, this trick will help you

Example: time "new york"

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Example: related:youtube.com

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16. Using the before: operator will return only results before a given date. You must provide only a year or Day/month/year dates.

Example: Python before:2020

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17. In the same way as before: after: operator will return only results after a given date. You must provide only a year or Day-month-year dates.

Example: Python after:2020

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18. - operator will help you to exclude a term from the search results.

Example: Javascript -CSS

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Advanced Search

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That's all for today! 😁 You have reached the end of the article 😍

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